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5-Star LB Terrence Lewis Calls Himself 'The Wolf' Because 'Everybody Wants to Be the GOAT Until the Wolf Shows Up'


Five-star linebacker and No. 10 overall recruit in the 2021 class Terrence Lewis is expected to announce his commitment today. He's an extremely talented football player but is now also already in contention for the biggest badass in college football for the 2021 season with his nickname of "The Wolf" and his explanation for it.

"Everybody wants to be the GOAT until the wolf shows up."

Holy hell, sign me up for this kid. I haven't even watched a highlight tape yet to see if he can play, but I'll take the word of the people who compile these recruiting rankings and couple that with the feeling his explanation of the nick name he presumably gave himself and go ahead and declare this kid a first rounder in the 2024 NFL Draft.

And sure, 92 percent of his crystal ball predictions have him going to Tennessee to bolster what is already a top five class, but that's not really important. I would love this kid regardless of where he went — as long as it wasn't Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Oklahoma ... ok, maybe not wherever he went.

But that's besides the point. I am in love with The Wolf. Anyone who comes up with that is a ballplayer.