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Whatever Happened To Football Follies?

It's 2005 and my freshman year of college. My roommate is hooking up with some broad who wants to take their sex more seriously. She wants it to be Official and with his birthday coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to express how she felt. She she got him a really expensive gift and wrote a note that sounded something like: 

You're so great. Blah blah blah. You light up my life and make me laugh so much. I hope this present does the same for you.

It was a DVD box set of Sports Greatest Follies, 8 discs spanning almost 16 hours of professionally manicured edits. It is, to date, the absolute worst fucking gift I have ever witnessed. But you know what? We celebrated the entire catalogue. Over the next week we did nothing but watch follies. At this point I've slapped my knee to just about every follie in modern sports history. And with this collective knowledge I can confidently say we need to bring this shit back on VHS. Maybe do mail-ordering where it takes 8-10 weeks to achieve a 75% success rate on delivery. That was a time when we appreciated things a lot more. A time when people were respectful and chasing a fumble 44 yards down field in flooded astroturf is laugh out loud funny time and again. Just the name itself fucks so heavy



Unfortunately this is the most fun I've had in years.