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Wake Up With One Of The Luckiest Guys On The Planet

Life is pretty good for Devin Booker. Not only is he quarantining with one of the hottest woman on the planet, but he's also pretty good at that whole basketball thing as well. We talked about his conquests off the floor yesterday, so I figured today we should talk about what he's been able to do on the floor as well. How about a career year shooting the ball (48.6%), pretty solid 26.2/4.2/6.6 averages, making his first All Star team, and the Suns blowing by their win total from the year before largely because of Booker's play. Oh and he's just 23. That seems pretty good. 

What stands out to me is the back to back years over 6 assists, even with Ricky Rubio on the roster. Booker is more than just a shooter/scorer, and his development as more of an overall player should excite Suns fans. He's only going to get better and if he's already this good, well you could argue the Suns future doesn't look so bad.