The Newest Idea To Save The NBA Season - Put All The Teams In A Bubble At Disney World And Play At The Resort

Wait, what the fuck? This is logical and not putting them on a remote island for a 3v3 Tournament like we heard from Steph Curry yesterday. I'm all in on them playing on Fight Island mostly because that'd be awesome. This just sounds like Summer League, which is why it makes sense. 

Now, the thing is Keith Smith, wrote about this for Yahoo last week. He talked about how it makes way too much sense just to play at Disney World because a) the complex is used to hosting major hoops events, has multiple facilities and is already setup from a broadcasting standpoint. 

That said, if it's bubble city at Disney World, give it to me. I don't want to get used to this new normal where there is no sports on TV besides horse racing. It makes too much sense to do this at Disney World. Florida is letting things like this happen. If they can successfully - which is the key - build that bubble to limit the area to players + maybe families it's a no-brainer to play at Disney. 

It sounds more and more realistic that we're going to see some sort of NBA games again. That's a win. We have training facilities opening up here soon. I know Steve Kerr said he's acting as if the season is over, but he also hasn't had Klay Thompson or Steph Curry. So really when was his season over? 

I'm actually very here for bubble city if they make it a reality show. Put cameras everywhere like it's Real World and show us shit during the day. Why not? There's nothing else on right now. Most of us will still be working from home, so put this on at like 1pm. Let us see these guys going crazy in a bubble or getting pissed at each other.