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Fuuuuuck The US Census Commercial That Sounds Just Like “Forgot About Dre”

Multiple times a day every single day during qurantine, a bunch of beautiful violins calmly usher in this stupid ass census commercial and I run to the TV like one of Pavlov's dogs with my ears essentially drooling to hear "Forgot About Dre". And every single time I walk away upset and out of breath not only that "Forgot About Dre" isn't on TV but that I fell for the same goddamn ruse again. I mean, I would love if "Forgot About Dre" just played on television in the middle of the day even if there is no reason the only channels that are usually on in my house (Nickelodeon for the kids and ABC for the news) would ever play it. You can make a case we wouldn't be in the shitty predicament we currently are stuck in if we lived in a world where "Forgot About Dre" was played at the top of every hour like church bells. Instead I am getting psychologically mindfucked a half dozen times a day by this stupid commercial. And the worst part is I can't even tell the Census Bureau to go fuck itself by refusing to fill out my census because I filled out mine out before this evil musical edging game began since it pretty much told me I was a shitty American if I didn't.


Anyway, this was one of the weirder rants I have ever gone on at Barstool because I am under constant attack in my own home. The US Census Bureau has been rebuked. Now here's "Forgot About Dre" so we can all scratch that musical itch those monsters at the US Census keep inflicting us with on a daily basis.

Happy Thursday(?) everybody! Lets listen to 2001 straight through to get things rolling. Just click Play and let the good doctor do the rest.