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Remember How Hilarious Stylebender's Reaction To Jorge Masvidal's Flying Knee KO Was?

Pretty much outta the blue today, I thought about Israel Adesanya watching Jorge Masvidal knock Ben Askren out with a flying knee in real time - while a friend of mine, Aaron Bronsteter, was interviewing him - and when I went back to watch his reaction, I cracked the fuck up! Just couldn't stop laughing! I don't think we talk about how funny that shit was! 

Dude pretty much immediately had tears in his eyes and had a drop/reappear so funny it may rival Dave/Big Cat's in one of their most iconic moments while unleashing a wail straight outta the Red Wedding...

Adesanya then just couldn't stop screaming obscenities - justifiably so - all the while poor Aaron Bronsteter couldn't get a good look at a television and had no freaking clue what had just happened. Hilarious video on every level.

I was on press row for that knockout, and it's still to this day the most jarring and insane thing I've ever seen in my life. Askren didn't move for what felt like HOURS, and even when he was carried out, he just wasn't there. It was scary as fuck. Masvidal was ruthless the entire time, too, just calling him a bum and shit while people were crying in the stands at the horror they had just witnessed. That's the level of savage he is, and he pretty much achieved superstardom that night.

If you haven't checked it out yet - we've got Stylebender, Masvidal, and Askren on the My Mom's Basement 'Best Of MMA' episode this week…