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It's God Shammgod's Birthday So Let's Celebrate With His Famous Crossover

Today is God Shammgod's 44th birthday if you can believe that. If you're a basketball fan you should know the name, perhaps the greatest name in NBA history. He didn't have much of an NBA career coming out of Providence, he played just 20 games for the Wizards in 1997-98,  but man did this dude leave his mark on the game. There are a lot of awesome dribbling moves that we've seen from players over the years, but for my money nothing gets me out of my seat quicker than a flawless Shammgod. Such a nasty move. If you didn't know about him as a player, you for sure know his patented crossover. I feel like when someone pulls off that move flawlessly it always gets the biggest reaction from the crowd and with good reason. Guys like Kyrie, Westbrook, CP3 have unleashed this bad boy on numerous occasions. It's not exactly something that you see every day and only those with elite handles dare try it.

I figured what better way to not only spend your Wednesday afternoon but also to wish the legend a happy birthday than with some of the best shammgods the world has ever seen. I never had the balls to ever try this in a game growing up, mostly because there's no way I pull it off and ultimately would have been benched. If you've never heard the story behind the crossover it's pretty interesting, I mean how many players can say they invented a move?