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Michael Vick Got a Superman Tattoo Because of One Play

If there is any one player in NFL history who can justifiably have a Superman tattoo, it's Michael Vick. Have there been better players in the last 15 years? Sure. But there has not been someone who so radically changed the game of football in such a short period of time.

Apparently the inspiration for Vick's Superman tattoo came from just this single play against the Carolina Panthers, but even if it weren't for that, he'd have a career full of justification for having it. He was a cheat code — both in real life and in Madden 04.

Vick has two of the four seasons in NFL history with at least 2,300 passing yards and 900 rushing yards — Randall Cunningham did it in 1990 and Lamar Jackson did it this past season. Even with missing two seasons in the prime of his career, he's still one of the most dynamic players of the 21st century.

I'm glad at least most people have seemingly moved on from the terrible things he did — for which he served time and has apologized profusely and worked to correct — so we can enjoy stories like this and talk about the on-field career of one of the most exciting players we've ever seen. Any conversation surrounding Vick will inevitably involve dog fighting and there will always be those who are unable to separate the person from the player, but at least in my opinion, he has done more to genuinely try to right his wrongs more than any other public figure I can recall in my lifetime.

Anyway, Mike Vick was the man and I'm glad we're mostly all at a place where we can look back and remember one of the greats.