The Colts Have Signed Rodrigo Blankenship! But What Does This Mean For The G.O.A.T Adam Vinatieri?

Since PFT couldn't make into the XFL, somebody had to put some respect the specs! The Colts have officially signed the best kicker in the draft, and quite possibly the most famous kicker in college football, Rodrigo Blankenship. The former Georgia Bulldog will now be competing for the starting kicking job in Indianapolis. While his biggest competition is Sean McLaughlin, what does this mean for the G.O.A.T Adam Vinatieri?

I love Vinny and love how he still has the drive to enter his 25th season. It seems after his performance last season, Colts fans have tough love for him. He had his worst season last year by hitting only 68% of his field goals, and missing a season high 6 extra points. He was dealing with a knee pain at the time, but he's also been drilling balls from 50+ yards for almost 25 years as a professional. Chase McLaughlin came in towards the end of December and already looked like he was going to be our starter for next year. 

Not to go Colin Cowherd/Joey on you, but this is how I see it from a Colts fan who hasn't had the honor of being his ball boy perspective. 

"Colts fans and Adam Vinatieri are like a dog and it's owner. You love your dog! You've had so many great memories with him! You've had 14 great years with him! But now he's very old. You see the pain it's going through for not only him, but for you. It sucks, but you have to do what's best. You put the dog down, you cry, and thank it for it's memories. But then, you get a new puppy, and that puppy is Rodrigo! It's the Herd."

As someone who's been a Colts fan since birth, and has been his ball boy for 4 seasons, I always want what's best for the team and for him. Vinny is an incredible leader on the team and one of the best guys to have in the locker room. I believe the GOAT will be able to kick almost anywhere he wants if he announces this is his last season. Unless Ballard keeps Vinny this year as a Captain and locker room leader, I just don't think he will be the starting kicker for Indy. 

I would love for him to still be on the roster, but I think Chase and Hot Rod will be competing for the starting position. It will be very interesting to see what happens this season, if there even is one. As always, go horse.