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Celebrate Jerry Seinfeld's Birthday With His 1993 Playboy Cover

Today is Jerry Seinfeld's 66th birthday. I wouldn't call him a "controversial" figure, but you definitely love him or you hate him. Me? I love the man. I've watched Seinfeld through a billion times. I've seen him perform stand up and thought he was phenomenal. Definitely one of my favorite entertainers of all time. 

This photo is great.

He's got the Air Jordan 7's on. A telephone booth full of smokeshows. And his overall fit? It goes off, as the kids say. A FIRE FIT. 

Jerry is just one of the GOATs. If I was moving into college in the fall, I'd get this poster and hang it up on my wall. Everyone would know I'm cool when they came in my room. I like girls, I like comedy, and you best be ready for some Seinfeld references. If you don't like them? GET OUT. I'm, also, unique with this poster. You know how many people have that poster up in their freshman dorm? None. Ha, is that a Wolf of Wall Street poster? LOSER. If you want to see a real poster, come on over to my room. Pregame is at 9, loser. 

P.s. I will appreciate any @'s of the girls in the photos. I don't care if they are 45 now. I'm sure they've all aged great.