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Introducing BKB: The Newest Wave In Boxing (Promoted By BKB)


BKBis a new, intense, and hard-hitting sport that revives the knockout in boxing. Fights take place in the Pit—a small, circular altar of action that encourages big hits and knockouts galore. With no ropes or corners, the Pit forces offense and offers no relief from a fighter’s brutal onslaught. Plus, with shorter rounds there’s no time for hugging or dancing. This unique format was designed by a team of industry veterans to deliver maximum action, total aggressions and, of course, big knockouts.


Listen everybody knows I’m a boxing guy. But I can admit the sport is sort of getting it’s ass kicked by MMA lately. Not enough good fights. Not enough action, blah, blah, blah. So I’m interested to see what this is all about. I kind of love the idea of the smaller pit with no ropes. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. And unlike MMA it’s all boxing. None of this boring tap out crap. Give me two guys just slugging it out and I’ll tune in 1,000% of the time.




2 Rosado vs. Stevens

Saturday, April 4, 2015 LIVE! 10 PM ET | 7PM PT

Available nationwide on Pay Per View