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Scientists Find A Nearly Complete Spinosaurus Fossil And They Are So Sweet

Aliens yesterday, Dinosaurs today. Everything is coming up scientists right now. Just unveiling all the sweetest shit in the world while there is nothing else to distract us from their discoveries. Great time to be a scientist and thank god for them because this thing is so fucking sweet. Look at it. 50 feet long, giant sail on it's back, and a tail that could sink the Iranian Navy with one good whack. I know about the asteroids and all that, but how the fuck does something like this go extinct? Seem impossible. Seems like it should still be able to live in the water, eat it's weight in fish, and then pop up every once in a while in a grainy photo to scare the shit out of Scottish people. Apex predator defined. 

Speaking of Aliens, this is probably why they never came back to Earth. They were probably like humans, discovered other planets, looked at Earth through a giant sweet ass telescope and decided to beam themselves over here 50 million years ago. They landed, got out, and saw something that looked like this ready to chomp their ET asses 

and swiftly and smartly got the fuck out of dodge. Hell, if I came across one of these things in real life I'd ask Elon  Musk to ship my ass to Mars. Earth must have been the scariest place imaginable when the dinosaurs were here. Humans are just right place right time. If monkeys started walking around the plains of Pangea when these bad boys were roaming around we'd never make it to the point where I'd be able to blog about a fossil of the scariest thing that ever existed. Something to think about.