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RIP To This Famous Japanese Artist Who LOVED Drawing Fat Assed Girls Sitting On Dudes' Faces

I'd never heard of this guy before 15 minutes ago yet I'm distraught by his death. RIP a legend. A legend who could draw absolute DUMP TRUCKS. It's rare you ever stumble upon art so profound. I've been to museums in my life, a few, dozens of em maybe, and I've never been more more moved than I am right now. I've seen art that made me think "wow, that's good drawing" and I've seen art that made me think "damn, that's a deep message" and I've seen art that made me think "boy am I more horny than I thought art could make me right now" but never all three at the same time. That's what Namio Harukawa can do.

And I'll tell you what, this guy might be a legend for another reason, there's a strong chance that he's the first internet commenter ever. I mean dude used a pseudonym to fantasize about girls with big asses sitting on his face and we don't know his age. If that's not internet commenter then I don't know what is. He was probably sending anonymous letters, written in calligraphy no doubt, back in the day saying he'd buy feet pics and drag his balls through a mile of broken glass to hear a fart through a walkie talkie or to beg for just a shot glass of bath water. Absolute trailblazer.