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I Would Like To Make This LOUD AND CLEAR: I Am NOT Committed To Play QB At MSU

This is classic Slander Sox Ed. Just goads, goads and goads some more. Look, everyone knows my right arm cashes fucking checks and that it puts asses in seats. 

Video proof:


But I am NOT committed to playing QB at MSU. Don't listen to that moron Ed. This is a classic case of #FakeNews and yellow journalism pitched by Eddie, which should come as no surprise because he's a habitual goader, but I will have none of it. Sorry Mel Tucker, I wouldn't ever go play for a defensive minded coach that couldn't stop a nose bleed in his time at Colorado. 

Instead, I'm committing to play QB for noted offensive genius Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern University:

Coach Fitz offered me after he watched me drunkenly throw footballs through the goalposts of an NU vs. Cal game 6 years ago as a 24 year old:


Absolutely MISSILES. And no, I never gave USC and Coach Duggs any consideration. I wouldn't play for that yellow bellied sellout. Never in a million years.  Hopefully USC is good enough to face myself and NU in the Rose Bowl this season so I can shove the ball down his throat.