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Michigan Football Players Are Working Out On Ohio State's Field During Quarantine.....Tell OSU Fans To "Come Get Them"

It's been a very long time since Michigan has beaten Ohio State. 3077 days to be exact. That didn't stop Michigan players Joey Velazquez and Erick All Jr. from working out on Ohio State property, though. 

As you can see above, the two Michigan Men have been working out on the field outside of Ohio State's stadium in Columbus. They are even BEGGING Ohio State fans to come and get them:

But no Ohio State fans have showed up:


This begs the question….are Ohio State fans getting soft? Where is Ohio's Tate? He should be the first one over there defending the wall. Michigan players are practicing on YOUR field. I thought you were a fan of the once proud Ohio State. Put down the Twitter fingers that have been trying to claim Joe Burrow for the past year and hop in your car. Go defend your turf. 

P.s. Good response by our Barstool Ohio State account: