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Nate Burleson's "Take" On Big Ben Is Just Dumb

Add another name to the Big Ben Revenge Tour 2020 list. Nate has been on there for a while, but just in case you forgot - the dude has some terrible takes on Ben Roethlisberger. 

Here's his from yesterday:

I mean it's pretty incredible that he gets paid as much as he probably does at NFL Network to spew such ridiculous garbage. Yeah, Nate, NFL Network is going to bring me in to take your spot in a year so be sure to take away from your time and bitterness to "mentor" me. 


Oh, and who would they have taken at quarterback? No first round pick. Yeah let's waste another 4th round pick on a potential difference maker at tight end, running back, or offensive line for fuckin' Jacob Eason. 

That solves all the problems. 

Look, do I think the Steelers need to address backup quarterback? Yes. But that has more to do with the inability for Mason Rudolph to consistently play well as the backup than it does Big Ben not wanting them to draft one. 

Truly damned if you do, damned if you don't if you're the Steelers because this is the reaction that happens when the Steelers don't draft a QB, but we all know exactly what the reaction would have been if they had drafted one. 

Big Ben would have been asked about it, he would have said something along the lines of "Yeah you know that's their prerogative. I feel good, I think I still have good football left ahead of me, but the Steelers have to do what they have to do." 

Which would have been alllll over GMFB "BIG BEN IS A BAD LEADER! THIS IS WHY AB LEFT! BLAH BLAH BLAH" shut the hell up. 

I like everyone on the cast of that show, but they all live in the Hyperbole Hills. If someone isn't "changing the game forever" then they're dialing up conspiracy theories during their 3rd white board segment of the day. It's exhausting, and this Big Ben take just drives that point home.