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HALLELUJAH: Eagles Not Planning On Signing Tim Tebow After Workout



PFT – It appears that any visions of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez joining up for another ride will have to be put on ice.  The football world was buzzing on Monday when word broke that Tebow was working out as a quarterback for the Eagles, but it looks like we’ll have to keep waiting if Tebow is going to get another chance at an NFL job. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tebow’s visit to the Eagles on Monday has come to an end and that the team has no plans to sign the former Bronco, Jet and Patriotsat this time.”


Where’s your God now, St. Timmy?   Even though it would’ve made my job as a blogger easy as pie, I’m ecstatic the Lord’s Pipedream didn’t become a reality.  Not only for the Eagles, but I couldn’t take the mental and physical anguish of being forced to return to church solely to support the team.  The knees aren’t what they used to be and I could never be one of those “kneel but have the ass touch the pew” guys.  Embarrass yourselves in front of the Almighty more, brahs.

Best take up that offer from Gronk to take away that virginity before it’s too late.