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Scott Burrell's Wife, Jeane Coakley, Says MJ Airing Him Out On The Last Dance Was "Hilarious" and "Great"

Jeane Coakley is the big winner from this week's episodes of The Last Dance. Sure, we learned some awesome tidbits that made Dennis Rodman even more legendary. Yup, MJ became even more of a legend when we learned of him still grudging hard against Isiah all these years later. But Jeane Coakley, SNY anchor/personality and Scott Burrell's wife, she's this week's big winner. First of all, she has been getting more burn out of that 20 second clip than anybody on the doc. Second of all, shes handled it perfectly. Everyone was expecting the angry wife. The uptight girl who's mad at the stories of her man being a booze bag running around town lighting it up with MJ and company. And instead she's been totally level headed. Calm, cool, collected. Saying all the right things. Dare I say...rational?????

ANYTHING IS POSSIBO! But the question is...are we buying it? Is this legit? Is Jeane Coakley saying this off camera, behind closed doors? Because if I'm going off of my experiences, with the women I know in my life, this aint how its going down. Most of the women I know? Theres no statute of limitations on things they can get irrationally angry about. Oh, this happened 20 years ago? Welcome to your present day doghouse, constructed out of current anger and resentment. Oh something happened 2 or 3 girlfriends ago and has nothing to do with your current relationship? Dont matter. Its now her grudge. You did something in a goddam DREAM? Well today's fight is very might actuality. 


So which do we think it is? Jeane Coakley is the real deal? A normal girl who is ok with her husband being the new face of the party boy on the IncrediBULLS? Is she a wife who's actually ok with her husband being called Baby Rodman? She means it when she says shes interested in those stories. When shes laughing about the interaction with MJ, she truly finds it funny. When the other wives are whispering at the cocktail parties, gossiping about what Scott used to do back in the day, she brushes it off. When the other husbands are high fiving him and asking him for details about the wild shit that went down, shes right there with them...

Is that what we are going with? Or is this just a media savvy move where she knows she sounds cool and understanding? I mean, you can even kinda hear it in this clip. She already throws out the disclaimer that he only hung out with Mike and them a couple times. Sounds a LOT like something a guy would tell his girl to minimize the damage. "Ahhh relax honey. I hung with with Mike ONCE. Mayyyybe twice. It was nothin." And as soon as I listened to that "I just find it hilarious how..." I knew what I heard. I heard the sound of a woman who knew she couldnt actually be mad, but fuck it she is deep down. But maybe I'm just a bitter, jaded dude whos lived in the doghouse since about 2005. Who knows??

Is Jeane the Holy Grail of Women? Actually rational and understanding and not holding ridiculous shit against her husband? I think there's only one man who knows the real answer to that question. And whether or not hes answering that question from the doghouse or the couch at night, we'll never know.