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Boston's Mayor Says Brady Could've Practiced in the Park All He Wanted

Source - Boston mayor Marty Walsh went on The Greg Hill Show Wednesday morning to offer another example of why he believed Tom Brady made a mistake not staying with the Patriots. ...

"If Tom Brady stayed … There are some exceptions I would make and having Tom Brady throw a football, I probably maybe would have looked the other way on that one," Walsh joked. "But he goes to Tampa Bay and that’s what he gets, getting thrown out of the park. So it serves him right." 

It's not often an elected official in the Commonwealth says anything I can agree with (except for those times they're in front of a federal judge and say, "Guilty, your honor," which happens more here than in any other state). But I can get behind Marty Walsh on this one.

Boston might have the worst traffic in the discoverable universe. The whole mass transit system is essentially the poor people's cars in "Snowpiercer," only dirtier and much, much slower. The city government Walsh runs is an unresponsive kleptocracy staffed by the shiftless, lazy friends and relatives of connected people who haven't worked a full Friday in their corrupt lives because they're beating the traffic to their second houses in Buzzard's Bay while still on the clock. It's a city where they'll hassle you for red-cupping a beer at the St. Paddy's parade or trying to save the parking spot you spent an hour shoveling out, but let Whitey Bulger run the place for decades. Ours is a city full of abrasive assholes that somehow still closes up shop at midnight, leaving the tourists with nothing to do but go back to watch cable in their substandard, ridiculously pricey, overtaxed hotel rooms. You can say a lot about the town of my birth, but you have to give it to us that we would give Tom Brady the latitude to get away with whatever the hell he wanted. We might have low standards, but we've got double standards like nobody else. 

So this is on TB12. If he wants to get hassled by The Man down in America's Wang just so he can throw passes to Mike Evans on a warm December day and sell Tompa Bay merch, that's his decision. He has to know we would've given him the Public Garden all to himself if he needed it. We would've broken into Fenway "The Town" style or ripped up all the headstones in the Granary Burying Ground and let him work his pocket movement drills all over Mother Goose's grave if he needed the open space to practice in. But I guess in Tampa, a city that has no culture other than Brady himself, they can't give him the same consideration. TB-squared, my ass.

So thanks anyway Mr. Mayor. And since you made the offer to Brady, I'm going expect you to extend the same courtesy to Jarrett Stidham. He and the Patriot Missile he's carrying around need all the room they can get.