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Riddick Bowe Congratulates Alex Ovechkin For Coming Out Of the Closet...Wait What??


Welp, good morning to you too, Riddick. That’s totally out of the blue. The thing is, what happens if that turns out to be true? And Riddick Bowe, a boxer currently melting down on Twitter, broke the news. How unreal would that be? It’d be like me breaking news about..well about anything besides cookies and breakfast items.


Well shit, Riddick, that isn’t very kind. Peaces of shit? Who you calling a peace of shit bro? I’ll totally beat you up for calling me and my friends peaces of shit. Just chill out and be piecful bro.

But seriously, what if Ovi is the first openly gay NHL player? Kinda hoping it’s true. Pageviews for daysssss.