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Chris Paul Would Have Been A Warrior If Not For Hills

Well well well would you look what we have here. Before we get into what Chris Paul said about that blocked trade, we have to revisit what former Warriors GM Larry Riley declared soon after this rumor hit the masses

Whoops! Hard to believe when the exact player involved in that potential trade confirms the whole thing. I dunno why that made me laugh because I can't imagine anyone believed that statement in the first place, but last time I checked it's kind of hard to block a trade to a team that never had a discussion about trading for you. Huge win for Ethan Strauss there.

But back to CP3. I was expecting something way juicier as to why he blocked the trade than the Bay just having a ton of hills and what he knew from watching Full House. He lost me there for a second when he said he never wanted to go out West but then would have been down to join the Lakers if that trade wasn't block by David Stern. That was confusing because last time I checked LA was on the West Coast and that's where he ultimately went.

Out of all the reasons I expected though, hills was not one of them. I can understand not wanting to uproot your family and maybe you don't love the roster long term, all that. But hills? Your basketball destiny could have been different if you just put up with hills. I've been to the Bay, Chris is right there are hills everywhere. It can be a real bitch to get around. But they also have these things called cars. Pretty sure you can get on a trolly too. It's also strange that the idea of Full House is what helped make his decision to turn it down. Bob Saget I imagine is already a Bay Area legend, but hearing that has to move him up a few notches. Chances are they don't win titles with just Paul and no Steph/Klay, so things obviously worked out in their favor. 

I guess if you're living in the Bay and are a huge Warriors fan and you find yourself raging at having to walk up all those damn hills, just remember that without them there is no Warriors dynasty. Talk about prayer.