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Turns Out That Farming Is Way More Technologically Advanced Than Blogging And Now I'm All In On The Farm Life

I understood about 9 words in that entire video, and we've got Laura over here casually putting on a John Deere Masterclass in under 200 seconds. 

Typically when I think about farming I think about guys looking like Bobby Hull just pitching hay for 20 straight hours. 

Or maybe guys like Joe Thornton just crushing beers out in the field on the mower all day long. 

Just some real country shit. Seems like a pretty sexy way of living, to be perfectly honest. A simple life about as removed from modern society as possible without being full blown Amish. But turns out I couldn't possibly be more wrong about my initial thoughts about farming if I tried. Because it's not all just working in the field and crushing beers all day long. Turns out that farming is more technologically advanced than I'd imagine any of your lives to be. 

Looks like a goddamn NASA control station in there. We have issues with remembering to press the record button.  

I want more. I need more. Give me a livestream of a full day on the job. This shit is fascinating. Granted, I still like my original idea of farming better since there are more NHL players getting shit faced in the field, but Laura has me hooked on the farm life now.