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Wake Up With A Did You Know: Britain And The US Had A Plan For World War THREE Immediately Following WWII

That is General Patton from the movie..."Patton". Great movie. I feel like most of our readers haven't seen it since it came out in 1970. Luckily for me it was in the rotation of movies my Grandpa NEEDED me to see when he started suffering from Alzheimers and couldn't remember that we watched it the weekend before. Anyways, there goes Patton. What a crazy fuck. Done with one World War, wants to turn around and fight another one. This is a movie though so it's obviously fictionalized. Maybe Patton didn't want to fight the Russians. 

Churchill thought...DEFINITELY did. "Hey Winston, you just won WWII, what are you going to do next!?"

They called it "Operational Unthinkable". Which is a stupid name because apparently they were thinking about it all the time. Just non-stop, wanting to fight the Soviets immediately. It was obvious that the Russians were a problem, and like Patton detailed above, Churchill wanted to nip it in the bud before things got worse. 

The motivation for this was to enforce the "Yalta Agreement" and get a "square deal for Poland". Why Churchill and the Western Allies had such a hard on for Poland I'll never know. They declared war on Germany when the Nazis blitzkreig'd them to death to start WWII and they were considering a start to WWIII for Poland as well. Now, it should be stated that the Soviet feelings towards Poland were hostile to say the least. Like for instance, the Katyn Massacre. Where the Soviets went around asking Polish leaders to step up. They supposedly told them they'd be forming the new Polish government. Military leaders, politicians, land owners, factory owners, lawyers, prominent educators, and priests were then rounded up, taken into the forest, shot, killed, and thrown into a mass grave. 22,000 in total. Then during the War the Soviets sent as many as 1.2 MILLION Poles to Gulag work camps. You look at a Russian the wrong way as they were marching through your home town, raping your women, and drinking all your vodka, they'd throw your ass in a work camp for the rest of your life. It wasn't a good time to be Polish everyone, including Churchill, knew it. 

Churchill into another World War

To get this done the British and Western Allies were going to blitzkreig the Russians with a surprise attack. The proposed invasion of Soviet held Europe was supposed to begin on July 1st 1945. Just 4 days before the UK General Election

The plan was to catch the Soviets off guard and push them out of Germany before the Fall of 1945. Then, once the Allies pushed the Soviets east, the thinking was that Stalin would be forced to negotiate and relinquish control of Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other Eastern European held satellite states. 

The problem with this plan...the Soviets. Specifically...a lot Soviets. Like a FUCK ton of Soviets. The Soviets at that time had more infantry divisions, more armored divisions, and more aircraft than the Allies and by a wide margin. Such a wide margin that part of this plan was to take German POWs and have them fight against the Soviets too. The only chance the Allies had would be to catch the USSR by complete surprise and then use the Naval power to dominate the Baltic Sea and hope for the best. Not exactly a great plan. The downside if things got fucked up...the Soviets just turn around and march all the way to the Atlantic. Conquer France, Italy, Germany, and everything just like Hitler did and then they would've fought that entire war for nothing and been on the complete defensive again. Huge risk. One that the Allies ultimately decided against and thus set up a Cold War that lasted for the duration of the century. We got to have the 1980 USA hockey team because of that so I guess it worked out for the best. 

PS: Here is the Patton speech just for kicks