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Scott Van Pelt is a Bully

(alright replying to the SP account is pretty cool, but still a bully)

SVP had Aaron Boone on his show tonight and to be honest he was quite rude to my manager. There's no need for this mockery during these trying times, Scott. We're all out of sorts these days. I don't even know what day it is half the time. As Dave reiterated on the Rundown today, "nothing matters." What's the point in decorating your shelves? No one is coming over the house any time soon to take a good look. We're all trapped until we stay inside long enough that this motherfucker of a virus gets bored with no one to play with and kills itself. I have no motivation to do anything besides my job until that day arrives. There's just no point to anything else. 

I really wrote this blog to bring up Tommy's unbelievably boring wall. This is what I see EVERY. SINGLE. PODCAST. 

We've recently crushed it on The Short Porch with guests like Luke Voit, Tommy Kahnle, Adam Ottavino, and this Thursday's guest Nick Swisher. They all have to look at Tommy's wall. It's the single most depressing thing in the world. I want to cut my eyes out when I see it pop up on the screen. Boone's empty shelves look like a tropical resort compared to this shit. My number one fear in life currently is not dying from corona, it's that this quarantine never ends and that wall stays the same.