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Wake Up With Vin Scully Outing Torii Hunter's Father As A Crackhead On National TV

Vin Scully is arguably the best baseball announcer ever, you can't make a Mount Rushmore of announcers and not have Vin on it. But some of the things he would bring up didn't have to be broadcasted. Take Torii Hunter and his father. Torii was a great player, one of the best defenders we've seen in recent memory, had a hell of a career. So why on earth did Vin Scully have to openly announce during a game that Torii Hunter's father was a crackhead? This was some Anchorman shit. I mean first you say he was a crackhead, and then you rub his face in it by saying his dad stole his favorite jacket too? And then when he went to answer a question in class the crack pipe fell out of his jacket? Jesus, Vin. This really went off the rails quick, at least he still was calling balls and strikes. Atta boy, Vin.