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I Wiggle Dicked Myself Into A Hernia

I didn't actually wiggle dick myself into a hernia. I got a hernia from working out but saying I got one from wiggle dicking sounds way cooler. I'm well aware it actually doesn't sound cooler but I'm gonna go with it anyway. My sick, twisted content brain was almost excited to go to the hospital so I could do this video even though my stomach has a numb, tingling feeling and every time I move a certain way it feels like someone is stabbing me. I have to get surgery to get the hernia removed but It will not and I repeat will NOT stop me from wiggle dicking, I'm married to the game for better or for worse. I've had it for almost a week and managed to crank out these wiggle dicks so I'm gonna keep it rolling. Every single one of these tik toks I've done with a hernia. Some have referred to me as beautiful, powerful, graceful, majestic, resilient but most of all, I'm a wiggle dicker. WD for life.