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Dude Spray Paints His Face Black Trying To Camouflage Himself During Police Chase

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ABC News - A California man spray painted his face black “in an effort to camouflage himself” and evade police, a Madera Police Department spokesman told ABC News today. But the “camouflage was ineffective,” the spokesman said. The suspect, Jose Espinoza, 23, was arrested on Saturday night facing charges of possession of stolen property and theft of a vehicle, the spokesman said.  Espinoza fled the first time police arrived at his house, but he was successfully apprehended when he later returned to his home and was allegedly seen with black spray paint on his face, the spokesman said. The spray paint bottle Espinoza allegedly used has been turned over as evidence, he added. Espinoza was booked into Madera County Jail early Sunday, according to the jail’s records. A court date during when Espinoza will be expected to answer to his charges is unknown, and it is unclear whether Espinoza has a lawyer.

Cant knock the hustle! I mean obviously he didnt execute but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the logic. Ever seen Commando?

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Or Predator?

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Or Saving Silverman?

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I mean theres a reason why all the greats do this sort of camouflage. Navy Seals paint their faces for a reason. Blend in. Disappear. Every little advantage counts when you’re being hunted.  Sounds like it kinda worked too. He escaped the first time. Just stupidly returned back home after he fled like an idiot. It wasnt the spray paint that didnt work, it was the brain inside that spray painted head. Bottom line this is A+ effort and just poor execution.