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Best Sit-Down Chain Restaurant Bracket (Final 4 VOTING OPEN)

* Jim Nantz voice *

Welcome to the Final Four, folks.

No Cinderellas. Just a bunch of favorites.

Let's talk about what restaurants are going to win...

The only surprise for me here is 2-seed Waffle House making it over 1-seed Texas Roadhouse. I was ready to talk some shit on behalf of 2-seed Outback Steakhouse, but that opportunity has sailed! There is a clear outcome to this bracket and it comes down to a matchup with 1-seed Chili's and Outback Steakhouse. The same crowd voting heavy for 2-seed Olive Garden just prefers Chili's more, I think. Those are my analytics.

Also, cool to see not all 1-seeds in the Final Four.

My Picks: 1-seed Chili's, 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
My Predictions: 1-seed Chili's, 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
Final Four Upset Pick: None

1. Vote for each matchup below
2. The round one winners were determined by audience vote
3. The restaurants in the bracket were determined by audience vote
4. The seeding was determined by audience vote
5. If your favorite restaurant isn't on here, it's likely not a sit-down chain or isn't a big enough national name
6. Enjoy, wash your hands, where your masks, and yell at me/argue in the comment section

See everyone tomorrow. (I am now hungry)