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Toni Braxton Had To Tweet Out That She Did NOT Date Dennis Rodman, 'Even Though He Was Kinda Hot In The 90s'

Lost in Carmen Electra Day at Barstool yesterday was this tweet by Toni Braxton. It's up there for my favorite tweet during quarantine. Why? Because it's so outrageous. We were all talking about Carmen Electra. We were talking about Dennis Rodman and who he dated. This was all from the 1990s-  25 years ago. Toni Braxton decided now was a good time to remind everyone that she did not date him - even though he was hot. Hell, she didn't even make the list for Dante's blog:

That said, I'd go the other way if I was Braxton here. Everyone is talking about Dennis Rodman. He's hot in the streets again. Shit we dedicated a day to Carmen Electra because of him essentially. That's how you get back in 2020. You start the rumor yourself that you dated Dennis Rodman. You don't say you were presenting something at the VMAs, you say that you dated Dennis Rodman briefly. Boom, you're being talked about for a day again. 

What a weird ass year we got going on. Never in my life did I think I'd be blogging about Toni Braxton and Dennis Rodman but here we are. Shout out Carmen Electra. Always shout out Carmen Electra