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MJ Answered Questions About His Gambling, His Debts, The Suspension/Retirement Conspiracies, And His Father's Murder


This is what I've wanted to know, and episode 6 we're going to get it. 

Everyone knows Jordan is a high stakes, push it all into the middle gambler. We also know there are a ton of rumors and conspiracies that his first retirement wasn't a retirement at all, but rather an NBA suspension due to his gambling, meaning he possibly bet on the NBA. And then the biggest conspiracy, that his father was shot and killed a message from the mob because Jordan wasn't paying his debts. And he's asked about all of it.

Now, I do not expect him to come clean about the retirement/suspension. I expect he'll deny it. But I personally will go to my grave thinking and believing there's no chance he walked away from basketball for a year without minimum a ton of pressure from the NBA to do so. 

I do think though we will get 3rd party stories of Jordan's bets and gambling ways. Daniel Negreanu has confirmed Ivey and Jordan have played rounds of high stakes golf

and that means million dollar swings over the course of 18 holes.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the Rodman episode. I guess it's because they only had an hour and Dennis Rodman could have his own 10 hour documentary, so I'm hoping the gambling episode goes all in on it and has a little less game tape of a regular season game vs the Sixers, ya know? Just give us all the juicy details. And I'm fully expecting Gilbert Arenas to be vindicated after the episode. I expect a tweet from him saying something like "see, told yall I didn't do anything wrong". Episode 6, hoping for it to be completely off the rails. Sunday can hurry up and get here now.