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The Twitter Accounts Of Iowa And Davidson Got Into A Back And Forth About Steph Curry

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Ehhhhhhh okay.  So 7th seeded Iowa is playing 10th seeded Davidson in the tournament on Friday.  Exciting stuff to be sure.  This back and forth between the school Twitter accounts?  Kinda lame but I saw it everywhere so I thought I’d touch on it.  This is one of those things that is LOL internet funny instead of actually funny.  Like this is something your Mom or your Aunt would send you in an e-mail chain like, “LOOK AT THIS! Too funny!  Can’t wait for the game!” (Did this happen to me?  Maybe)  That type of thing. I guarantee if I go on Facebook right now this is being shared EVERYWHERE by Iowa fans over the age of 45.  They eat up stupid shit like this.  That’s just the way it is.


PS- There is some truth to it though in terms of Steph Curry being involved.  After Iowa got matched up with Davidson my buddies and I were talking about what we knew about Davidson.  We knew nothing about the current team.  All we could come up with was that it was where Steph Curry played college ball.