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Lil Dicky Is A Liar and Makes Audacious Claims That Cannot Be Verified By Any Reputable Outlet

Uhhhhh Lil Dicky, enjoy this official blog cease and desist. The fact that Lil Dicky thinks he can run out on his little Hulu show and make unsubstantiated claims is exactly what’s wrong the 1st amendment. There is no accountability here.

Reinvented diarrhea? Bitch, your brain must be on some other shit still. I’ve been had diarrhea since the bullet went through the window sill. I’ve been reinventing the game. A shit by the lake for you is new but for me it’s a constant. It’s the same. Wet and runny like Nardini in the rain. Stick to songs about loving the earth because diarrhea, mr independent variable, that’s my turf. Push.

(I added push because I like when pusha t does that)