Oh come onnnnnnn, NFL. This is such a fucked up thing to do to Cleveland. It would have been impossible for any city to live up to the hype we had in our heads of what the Las Vegas NFL Draft would have been if ol' fuckhead coronavirus rob didn't rob us of it. But to put that burden on a city whose tourism is more known for these videos than anything else is straight up wrong:

There has to be at least one buffer city before you go from a showstopping main event city like Las Vegas to Cleveland. Even people flying back from Vegas vacations back to their home in Cleveland should spend at least one day at a city like Chicago or Indianapolis to ease back to Cleveland life. That's true for 90% of US cities too, not just Cleveland. 

I guess going from Goodell's musty ass basement to Cleveland is at worst a lateral move and putting the draft in a place even coronavirus wouldn't want to visit is a #good idea. But I would rather not have the draft in Cleveland after a season where I think the Browns will be decent. Maybe not the Super Bowl contenders all their fans told me they were going to be after my Giants traded them Odell Beckham Jr. But putting Baker Mayfield in an offense with a line that can actually block, two legit receivers, two legit running backs, and two capable tight ends with a coach not named Hue Jackson or Freddie Kitchens has to make the Browns at the very least not go Full Browns next season. 

The NFL Draft should be held in Cleveland when the Factory of Sadness is pumping out nothing but tears, fans wearing paper bags on their heads, and L's. The thought of the Browns picking first in front of all their their fans is the reason television and the internet exists. The fact that almost definitely won't happen next year sucks. I'm saying that as a Knicks fan who can appreciate what its like watching the home fans get gutted on live TV, so its nothing personal. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Even finding out who is in charge of all the Destination Cleveland organization that probably put this all together bummed me out.

"We're excited for Cleveland to 'Rock The Clock' as the host of next year's NFL Draft and NFL Draft Experience – assuming large gatherings can take place without compromising the well-being of participants," said David Gilbert, President and CEO of Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and Destination Cleveland.

Fuck Dan Gilbert (I couldn't write that in Comic Sans, so this will have to do)

Blogger's Note: I will admit I am saying this as someone who has only been to Cleveland once for a baseball trip. The only memorable thing that happened during that trip was a gaggle of homeless people stealing raw chicken off of our dying charcoal grill when we went into an Indians game and I suppose chose to eat it uncooked before returning later to tell us they were coming back to steal the grill before trying to sell us shitty drugs


Also when I hear Cleveland, this is the first video I think of, fair or not