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Deion Sanders Refused to Take a Test for an NFL Team With the 12th Pick Because It Wasn't Worth His Time

"What pick y'all got?"

I absolutely love this story. There are so many guys today who try to replicate some version of Prime Time and I haven't seen one get close yet. Deion was the real deal.

I don't know if this was the Wonderlic, some predecessor of it or just some other test, but Sanders stopping to ask what pick that team had to gauge if it was worth his time to sit down and do it is the attitude that made him one of the best athletes of all-time — if it really was pick No. 12, it was the Chicago Bears. And true to form, Prime backed up his talk and was long gone by the 12th pick and the rest is history.

As he said, though, the NFL Combine was radically different in 1989 than the media circus it is today. I can only imagine the shitstorm that would ensue if it came out that a top five pick refused to take a test or an interview with a team. Every person who has ever put out a mock draft would be racing to their computers to see who could come up with the hottest take on how low he should drop due to "character issues."

Sometimes, you just know when you've got it.