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Man in Quarantine Bikes 626 Miles on his Spin Cycle, Still Can't Escape His Family

When I saw quarantine coming, I made the rash, impulsive decision to buy a Peleton. I knew if we would be stuck inside for any length of time, I'd need a hamster wheel or I'd be climbing the walls in no time. It was maybe the best rash purchase I've made in recent memory.

But spinning on a bike is HARD DAMN WORK.

I even joined a biker gang. Every week, I hop on the spin bike with the rest of the Buns of Anarchy crew and pedal my ass off. I follow the high end of the resistance and cadency, but for some reason PFT and the rest of the boys (except for Damian Woody) ALWAYS SMOKE me. 

These guys straight crank. 

Honestly, it's simultaneously demoralizing and inspiring. 

But this recent story is giving the boys of BOA a run bike for their money. Literally. 

According to an article in UPI, a 25-year-old Canadian cyclist recently raised money for COVID 19 relief by... you guessed it, cycling (indoors). 

But if you're going to do it, why half-ass it? So he decided to try for the Guinness World Record and spin for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT. 

Travis Samuel, 25, of Peterborough, Ontario, climbed onto his Zwift stationary bike at 6 p.m. Friday at his father's home in Whitby and rode until 6 p.m. Saturday.

And he did it. He beat the record by 12 miles, logging a total of 626 miles which if you do the math, equates to a RIDICULOUS 26/miles an hour. FOR 24 STRAIGHT HOURS.

That is straight-up FLYING.

I've heard about these adults who have gone back home to spend time with family during the quarantine. I always thought "those people must be going stir crazy, hanging with the rents, unable to leave the house". 

And now I know I was right. 

Nothing says "I need something to distract me from my dad in quarantine" than I'm just going to spin as fast as I can for 24 hours straight.

Will this inspire me to do something similar? Absolutely not. Will it make me bike harder during my rides? Nope. But it will make me appreciate the fact that my quarantine living conditions are not to the point where I feel the need to bike as fast as I can for 24 straight hours just to feel alive.