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This Promo Dominick Cruz Cut On Henry Cejudo Last Year Will Get You HYPED For Their Fight In 11 Days

Say what you will about Dominick Cruz getting a shot at the UFC Bantamweight Championship on May 9th at UFC 249, but don't say he won't be able to get ya interested in that fight! From Urijah Faber to TJ Dillashaw to Cody Garbrandt to now Henry Cejudo, Dominick Cruz just straight up dissect's his opponent's brains and goes deep into why he hates them/wants to beat them. 


Best part is - that interview is from LAST SEPTEMBER - he wasn't even trying to hype this fight! It just worked out perfectly that this was booked the way it was!

Yeah, it's a bit wacky that Cruz has been granted this opportunity while more deserving contenders are waiting in the wings, but everything's a bit wacky right now! Hell, Justin Gaethje is just fighting Tony Ferguson now and we're accepting the possibility of Khabib/Tony never happening! It seems the UFC's long term plans are just out the window, so in the words of Michael Keaton...

Dominick Cruz pulled off what many thought were impossible just a little over four years ago when he returned from a long layoff to defeat Dillashaw for the UFC Bantamweight Championship, so who knows?! Maybe he has one more surprise left in him, and he dethrones Triple C! 


Could you imagine how great that would be? 

We'll probably get to hear a lot of shit talk from Cruz in the cage, as well, considering the whole "empty arena" thing. 

I can't wait. Only 11 days away folks! Sports are almost back!