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Cue The Duckboats: Jayson Tatum Finally Has A Basketball Hoop!!

That sound you hear are the haters and losers, of which there are many, slamming their fists on a table out of frustration. Remember this quote from a few weeks ago? Can't exactly say it was the best look for our beloved young star

Can't have that. As he should, Tatum caught some blowback for that comment. Even Wyc and Ainge didn't seem all that thrilled about it to the point where Ainge was trolling his own player in Twitter

You knew it was only a matter of time before the team made sure Tatum had a hoop at his house. He was having too good a season to let it all go to waste because he didn't have the proper equipment so it's great to see that problem is now behind us. 

I will say though, unless Deuce has suddenly skyrocketed to like 6'10, I'm going to need Tatum to get that bad boy back to regulation height. We all know Deuce has the skill to shoot on a 10ft rim by now anyways. Kid is the definition of a lock when it comes to a future Ainge first round pick. Probably why he refuses to trade future picks so he doesn't miss his chance to bring Deuce in. 

I'm sure there were some other Eastern Conference teams that were hoping this would never happen and Tatum would return super rusty with a broken jumper aka his 2019-20 October/November. The big question in the league right now is how everyone will look once things start up again and I'd be lying if I said knowing that Tatum now has a legit hoop to shoot on didn't bring me a certain level of comfort. Based on that picture I now expect him to come back and be February/March Jayson Tatum. You know, the guy who won Player Of The Month and was averaging 30 a night without breaking a sweat while absolutely abusing every All NBA defender in his path. 


Remember what that looked like? Boy did it rule