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Dave Grohl Surprising A NYC Nurse On Kimmel Last Night Continues To Prove Why He's The Best

I know I'm putting out Dave Grohl blogs pretty much daily now, but honestly, how could you possibly get tired of 'em? He just keeps putting smiles on faces and making the world a better place with his tunes! 

At this point, I don't know if his legacy as one of the greatest grunge drummers of all time, one of the greatest rock n' roll frontmen of all time, or one of the nicest humans of all time will be stronger! Take your pick!

Imagine writing this masterpiece?


If that's the only thing he did, he'd still be a legend...but it isn't. In fact, not even close, because - you know - he's Dave fuckin Grohl.

Throwback to pre-corona Grohl jams in public with the superbly talented Brandi Carlile...