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This Rally Car Driver And His Navigator Are The Best Duo In The History Of Sports

Forget Kobe and Shaq, forget Michael and Scottie, forget Step and Clay. Forget all of them. These two guys right here are the greatest sports duo of all time- David Higgins and Craig Drew. I watched all eight minutes of that video and I have no idea what was going on, but I'm convinced of it. The level of trust it takes to drive through the woods at 120mph+ relying solely on your partner to get your out alive is incredible. All it takes is one miscommunication and you're both wrapped around a tree. I like to consider myself a dare devil, but you couldn't pay me enough to get in one of those cars. 

And yes, I'm aware this video is from 2014, but it's the craziest one I could find. Ken Block had a wild ride during the 2019 Irish Tarmac Rally, but it was a different kind of race. More cliffs and less trees. 

Still pretty wild though. The longer I sit in quarantine the more fascinated I'm becoming by these types of videos. Hopefully you guys enjoy.