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What's Your Perfect Road Trip Crew?

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Got a voicemail today asking for our dream road trip crew. I opted to go with the "don't think, just throw" method and I'll tell ya, I think I nailed it. Perfect fucking strike that no one saw coming.

First choice was Jack Black. I can see if some people think he'd be annoying, personally I don't I think Jack Black is absolutely hysterical and interesting, but I get it if you disagree. However, his comedy chops aren't what had me selecting him, it's his diet. Jack Black just looks like a guy who CRUSHES a rest stop run. You can go rip a piss and let him handle the re-stock and there's no chance you'd be disappointed. Jack is coming back with all the main road trip food groups, he's got the jerky, the chocolate, the chips, the gummies, the sours, the trail mix, probably even throw in some taquitos just for the fun of it. 

Next was Trot Nixon. The Dirt Dog packed dingers and you're gonna need a lot of tobacco on a road trip. Nixon doesn't even measure drives in time, he measures it in lips. "That's about a six lip ride, but I might be able to do it in 5," he says. Plus, if Nixon's helmet is any clue, he's not one of those "clean out the trash every time we pull over" guys. Can't stand that. We're sitting in our filth until we get there then we're gonna marvel at the mess we made. It's an important part of the journey.

Finally, Steve Martin. Steve plays a MEAN banjo which I think is just perfect road trip music for when we pull over somewhere outside Tucson (this imaginary road trip took place in Arizona). Plus Steve is a storyteller. He's a funny guy, but I don't want someone doing their standup set in the car and making me uncomfortable because I'm not sure how much to laugh, I want a guy just telling tales. Steve is perfectly that guy. Not an over talker, but every time he does talk it's to say something interesting. 

Imagine this while you sat in the desert eating snacks with Jack Black and packing lips with Trot Nixon? Heavenly.

Our pal Chapsy also chimed in with his squad