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Basketball Is Still Going On In Taiwan And We Got The Taiwan Beer (Top-1 Name In Sports) Playing A Game 7 For The Title

Oh hell yeah! I'll be honest. I didn't know we still had hoops going on in Taiwan. Not only that, but there are actual names college hoops fans will remember. Marcus Keene - of course he's still getting buckets. Sim Bhullar! That gigantic human is getting buckets over there in Taiwan.

But this is all about the Taiwan Beer. That just instantly became the top-1 name in all of sports. Do I care if it's sponsored? Nope. You know why? Because all I think about with a pro team being named 'Beer' is Baseketball 

I'll be honest, I'm nervous about this new normal. It's not normal at all. Having no live sports on besides horse racing is driving me insane. It's been so long that it's just becoming normal to talk about the 90s or hypotheticals. I love both, but I love live sports more. That's why I'm about to get heavily invested in one game of the Taiwan basketball league for the title.

A Game 7? Are you kidding me? Game 7s are fucking awesome. It doesn't matter the sport. It's why the NCAA Tournament is the best. Win or go home. You're just on the edge of your seat the entire time, no matter what. 

See everyone Thursday. Let's go Beer.