These South Carolina Meth Dealers and Manufacturers Look Exactly How You Would Expect Them To

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NBC – The Ashe County Sheriff’s Office took a large step in the war on drugs in the month of June. Ashe County Sheriff’s Office executed a traffic stop of a vehicle with two known large-scale methamphetamine dealers, officials say. Rocky Sigmon and Christopher Triplett, both of Cleveland County, are accused of attempting to ditch 455 grams, about one pound, of methamphetamine as they attempted to flee from officers. The Sheriff’s Office says the street value of the drug is between $30,000 and $68,000, depending on how it’s packaged and sold. Triplett and Sigmon are both held under $500,000 bonds. An early-June raid of a home in the 100 block of Bower Calloway Road in Jefferson led authorities to three meth labs, two old and one active, officials say. Arrested at the scene were 30-year-old William Duncan and 25-year-old Ashley Bledsoe. Duncan is charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, felony conspiracy, maintain a dwelling place, possession of meth, possession with the intent to sell and deliver meth, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. His bonds total $500,500. Bledsoe is charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, felony conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance Schedule IV and possession of paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $150,500.


So really, is it hard to make meth? If these guys can do it, why isn’t everyone? I’m not here saying you should go out and start making meth, I’m just saying it really can’t be that hard. I’m not talking Walter White meth, but whatever the fuck these guys are pushing, it can’t be too tricky. These guys don’t have 10 brain cells between them and were probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just doesn’t seem like the worst business to get into. Do it for a couple months, stay lowkey, make a million or two, and then fly to the Bahamas and never talk to a person ever again. If these guys can do it, anyone can do it. Go make meth kids! (don’t)