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Here We Have Yao Ming Standing Next To A Bunch Of Golfers Back In 2013

Never. Not. Funny. If a twitter account posts a picture of Yao Ming Standing Next To Someone throwback there's a good chance I'm going to see it and blog it on Barstool Sports Dot Com. That's just the way it is. The other day an account tweeted out the throwback of Gary Player standing next to Yao Ming and now we've got the European Tour tweeting out a picture of another whole bunch of golfers standing next to Yao Ming. 

For comparison, Dustin Johnson is 6'4 and he looks like a toddler standing next to Yao. Rory, Luke Donald and G-Mac are all considerably shorter than DJ so they look like hobbits next to the 7'6 Yao.

Honestly sometimes I feel bad for Yao because he knows every picture of him is going to look ridiculous and there's not much he can do about it. For instance, I have a protruding gut and it's super unfortunate (also the result of my own doing) but I can suck it in for pictures and it looks a little better. I can hide the gut to some degree. Yao cannot do that with his height. Being tall is obviously a much better attribute than a gut but Yao is SO TALL that it's the only thing people look at when he's in pictures. I mean he made 93 million dollars in the NBA so he's doing but still.