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Everyone Should Follow Our In-House Pro Gamer Fricke Based On This Clip Alone

Disgusting.  Absolute disgusting filth.  And I love it.  

Introducing Fricke (aka Muj), our House Pro Gamer here at Barstool.  He has and will be streaming with me, PMT, other pro's (plays regularly with COD World Champions), and athletes/celebs.  Be sure to give him a follow on Twitch and other social media spots Fricke_Barstool or Fricke_NJ.  

While you're at it, here are ALL the channels that are live on a regular basis doing some sort of gaming at Barstool.  Follow them all and subscribe to what you shall: (home of Coach Duggs)

As always during the Quarantine, we're live pretty much all day, everyday.  Come thru to love/hate/whatever it is you do.  A healthy conversation about anything during these times is welcome.  Also, Langston Galloway from the Detroit Pistons at 1pm with other guests throughout the week: