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Heath Ledger's Joker vs. Jared Leto's Joker vs. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker In A Fight To The Death - Who Ya Got?

The winner.......and STILLLLLLLLLLLL best Joker in the worlllllld. Heath Ledger (RIP), who deserved the W for not only bringing a knife and gun to a gunfight but also a bomb that he probably got in the wholesale package he used to blow up Maggie Gylenhaal and the hospital Heath was cosplaying a sexy nurse.

Full disclosure, Heath Ledger is the only Joker in this triple threat match whose movie I watched because the reviews of the other movies were all over the place, carving out enough time to watch a movie at home, let alone in the theater, is next to impossible with two young kids and the DC Universe hasn't exactly proved itself to be a blind Must Watch for me regardless of how fresh or rotten the tomatoes are. But damn it felt good to not only have a rooting interest in something but also have my guy win since Dark Knight is my favorite comic books film ever (Infinity War is my favorite comic book movie ever and yes, the reason I call them that is so I don't have to choose between the two). 

We got super spoiled with sports content this weekend with the NFL Draft and two more episodes of The Last Dance. But those were two events that we either don't know how they will turn out in the long run or know exactly how they will turn out. So I guess awesome dream match videos like this by the people at Mightyraccoon! are the best things we have going for now until real sports come back, which I guess I am fine with since I loved their superhero superteam vs. coronavirus video.

P.S. I feel like we need to have a Heath Ledger Joker vs. Jack Nicholson Joker championship matchup after this video. I personally have Ledger at -175 simply because Nicholson's character was a little too cartoonish and ended up actually dying in his Batman movie while Ledger's was real life raw, which has to help in imaginary deathmatches, right?

*rereads last sentence*

I need sports to start up again REAL soon.

P.P.S. RIP my dog Bruce Wayne. Stray shot to the dome is no way for a hero to go out