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Watch The Beastie Boys Rip Up Glasgow For 45 Mins

We talked ever so elegantly about how awesome the MJ doc's soundtrack was, and The Beastie Boys were the first band I'd blast in my bedroom so loud my mom would come bang on the door and threaten to beat me with a wooden spoon if I didn't turn that shit down and/or off. They're very near and dear to my heart because of that and I've been in a bit of a rabbit hole the last 24 hours listening to them. Two beauties I've rediscovered are these two songs:

Anyways, now that we're on the topic of Germany, here's how the convos with my nazi mother would go back when I was like 8 years old and blasting the Beastie Boys too loudly: 

Mom: "David! Turn that shit down or I'm gonna beat you with this wooden spoon you little asshole!
Me: "Fuck you mom!"
Mom: "I'll get your father!!"
Me: "Fuck him too!"

You gotta fight for your right to party, right? Always always always. If you don't you'll always get taken advantage of. Never forget that, and never let your nazi mother try to bring you down with her. Blast that music as loud as you can - it's an important part of a male's coming of age. Don't let her throw away your best porno mag either, and when your dad gets on your ass for burning lung darts in the house? Just look him dead in the eye and call his hypocritical ass a "hypocrite". 

That'll show them.

Anyways, enjoy. The Beastie Boys rock and if you're a young buck learn to the love them.

PS - did you know all three Beastie Boys are jewish?