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Mateo McConaughey Is Here To Inform The Spanish Speaking Community How Important It Is To Wear a Mask Outside

Matthew McConaughey got word from the mayor of Austin, Texas that the Spanish speaking community wasn't following the mask guidelines we've got in place. Enter Mateo McConaughey to save the day and spread the good word. 

Boom, just like that everyone who speaks Spanish will now be wearing a mask. The importance of mask wearing has been conveyed to everyone. All it took was a message from Mateo. This guy speaks Spanish better than he does English. Imagine being able to spice things up in the bedroom with your wife by having a Spanish night? I'm willing to bet him and his wife Camila have a few of those a month. What a life. 

Here's Bobby Bandito to end the blog teaching you how to make a face mask. McConaughey is going to single handily end corona. 


Bobby Bandito