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Start Your Day With Medieval Sword Fighting To The Death In an MMA Ring

Last night I tuned into the first episode of Rabbit Hole with Caleb and Rone. To zero surprise it was fantastic and will surely become a must-watch for stoolies as it continues. The premise is simple, yet genius: Caleb and Rone go down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos and talk about them. One of the videos they came across was this medieval sword fighting in a boxing/UFC ring. It's one of the greatest things I've ever watched. Please hit play and then we can talk more about it.

First take away: there are absolutely zero rules here. None. You can actually do whatever you want in the ring until time expires. I'm not even sure there is a timer. Maybe it's when the sun goes down beyond that illustrious valley in the background? Who knows? Certainly not the ref, I'll tell you that much. More on him in just a second. 

Next, as you can tell at the :50 mark of the clip, your shield is way more dangerous of a weapon than the sword. Who woulda thought that? It actually might be more advantageous to go with two shields rather than a sword. You learn something everyday. 

And finally, there was no point of that ref being in the ring. If the guy with the shield opted to continue his shield bashing he would not have been told to stop. The dude on the ground's head would have come off before that ref was putting a stop to the action. He saw a clean fight with no sign of mortal danger for the fella seconds away from being decapitated. There's a real chance that referee had zero training and was asked to step in the ring to officiate only moments before the start of the fight.  

The description on the video is quite puzzling to me.

"Knockputs during knights' fights are very rare, but when they happen, they look very impressive!"

Well first of all they definitely meant to say knockouts instead of knockputs, but I won't be the one to bring that up to the board. But to my actual point, to say knockouts are very rare is outrageous after watching that clip. You mean to tell me that doesn't happen every single fight? We've got duels ending in decisions? We're look at significant strikes landed rather than seeing who needs to go to the ER or the morgue? I don't believe that for a second and I bet it's there to make it seem like a sport where people don't die on a daily basis. I think this is in Russia so that sounds about right. If he dies…he dies.

Here's the full video of last night's Rabbit Hole with Caleb and Rone. Enjoy!