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Nobody, And I Mean Nobody, Not Even Coach Duggs, Comes Into OUR House And Pushes Us Around. Notre Dame Big Tonight

Kickoff is right around the corner for the greatest inter-sectional rivalry in all of college athletics. Notre Dame-USC, in South Bend for an inside path to the National Championship, just the way God always intended. For the first time since since 2005, both Notre Dame and Southern Cal are in the top 10 when the Trojans come to town. I wouldn't want it any other way. I want USC to be good. I want USC coming to Notre Dame when the air is cold and the grass is long. Coach Duggs isn't in Tallahassee anymore. He doesn't have a Heisman running back anymore. A guy who everyone knows cheats and isn't head coaching material. Even Tennessee passed on him. EVERYONE ignores Coach Duggs, everyone except...the Fighting Irish. They remember. They remember the look at me blind plays to run up the score. They remember how Duggs ruined their shot at a National Championship. They're out for revenge. 

The Irish can't do it on their own though. They're going to need each and everyone of you. They're going to need a full throated student section just LITTERING the chat with Fs and shamrocks

Let Duggs hear you. .Distract him. Goad him into more blind plays. Let him know that THIS is our house and this is the time Brian Kelly wins a big game. It has to happen eventually. No better time than right now against Southern Cal. in 15 minuntes

Take it away, Digger!