The Ravens Are Trolling Me

The Ravens have been the bane of my football existence my whole life. 

Yes, the Steelers have won more Super Bowls all together and in my lifetime, beaten them more times in the playoffs in my lifetime, and are just all around a better franchise, but still, I hate the Ravens. 

They just know how to twist the knife on the Steelers and fans like me. Joe Flacco playing at Heinz Field was the fuckin' worst. This mediocre quarterback would find a way to play like Joe friggin' Montana whenever he stepped into Heinz. 

The 2010 touchdown to Houshmandzadeh with 32 seconds left. The 2011 touchdown to Torrey Smith on Sunday Night Football. The 2014 AFC Wild Card game. 

Torture. Harbaugh and the Ravens just love to spite the Steelers, and I vented my frustration over it on Friday night during the second round of the NFL Draft. 

Well apparently the Ravens took note of this and included it in their "we drafted so well, everyone is getting off to another one of our draft" recap videos on Monday. 

Feel like Harbaugh's smug little self directly told them to put that clip in himself. 

I'm praying football season happens on time for a thousand different reasons, but now it's like the SEC - it just means more. 

My rivalry and hatred with the Ravens just took on new heights, but I gotta say I do appreciate them throwing it in my face. That's what the best rivalry in football is all about. 

Go Steelers.